Welcome – My name is Ale, I’m 20 years old and get always asked if I’m tired or unmotivated because of the way my eyes look.

I’m currently living in a small country called Switzerland and just graduated from secondary school. I’ve always wanted a place where I can display and show off my art. That’s why I decided to actually attempt and create this blog and hopefully post regularly. I’m not the kind of person who always sticks to his plans so I can’t make any promises on where this website is going to end. The brand name “watershove” was created by just putting two random words together. When I googled it for the first time and a picture of a filthy old bathtub and a guide on how to unclog a drain popped up I knew that was the name I want to go with. After graduating I’m planning on working towards moving to London and studying at the University of the Arts, because I love to bite more off than I can chew. As you can see I have still a long way to go in life but I’m excited to start right here and now. If you want to know more about me I’d advise you to read through my blog posts and absorb my so called “art”. You can almost see this as some kind of portfolio as well as a deep dive into my weirdly wired clusterfuck of a brain.

If there are any questions feel free to drop me a message via the Contact Form or Instagram Direct.